Things To Know About Universal Pinning Kits

Universal pinning kits are sets of tools designed to assist locksmiths in re-keying a lock cylinder. They contain a variety of pins, springs, and other small components that can be used to change the lock’s keying. These kits are often used by professional locksmiths, but they can also be used by DIY enthusiasts who want to learn how to re-key their own locks. Here are some things to know about universal pinning kits.

Universal pinning kits are designed for a variety of lock types

Universal pinning kits are designed to work with a variety of lock types, including pin-tumbler locks, wafer locks, and disc tumbler locks. These kits usually contain a range of different pins and springs to accommodate different lock sizes and configurations.

They typically include a variety of tools

In addition to pins and springs, most universal pinning kits also include a variety of tools, such as plug followers, tweezers, and key gauges. These tools are designed to make the re-keying process easier and more efficient.

They can save you money

One of the main benefits of using a universal pinning kit is that it can save you money. Instead of calling a locksmith to re-key your locks, you can do it yourself using a pinning kit. This can be particularly helpful if you have multiple locks that need to be re-keyed.

They require some skill and knowledge

While universal pinning kits can be used by DIY enthusiasts, they do require some skill and knowledge. If you’re not familiar with how locks work or how to re-key a lock, it’s a good idea to do some research or get some training before attempting to use a pinning kit.

Quality matters

Not all universal pinning kits are created equal. It’s important to choose a kit that is made from high-quality materials and contains all of the components you need. Some of the top brands in this category include LAB, HPC, and Peterson.

They can be customized

RWD UNIVERSAL BASEBOARD ECCEL - Dev.kit: RFID | RS232 TTL,USB; pin  strips,USB B; 90x50mm; 5V; RWD-UNI-BOARD | TME - Electronic components

Many universal pinning kits can be customized to suit your specific needs. For example, you can add extra pins or springs to the kit to accommodate locks with unusual configurations.

They can be used for master keying

In addition to re-keying locks, universal pinning kits can also be used for master keying. This is a process where one key can open multiple locks. With a pinning kit, you can create a master key system for your home or business.

They can be used for lock picking

While universal pinning kits are primarily used for re-keying and master keying, they can also be used for lock picking. This is an advanced skill that requires some practice and patience, but it can be a useful tool for locksmiths and other security professionals.

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